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Make several steps and enter PSU!

Как поступить в ПГУ?

There are more than 30 programmes.

As an applicant you need to prepare the following documents at two stages:

Stage A. “Admission”

  • A duly filled-in Application Form, signed by the applicant, and scanned;
  • A motivation letter stating the purposes and reasons for undertaking studies on one of the Study Programmes at Polotsk State University and indicating the level of studies;
  • A copy of English/Russian Language Tests’ certificates (if applicable);
  • A copy of Secondary Education Certificate together with a transcript of grades if this is a separate document;
  • A copy of a document (documents) proving any other education obtained;
  • A Europass-format CV https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/editors/en/cv/compose
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate;
  • A copy of your passport (the page in English with a photo);
  • A digital photo;
  • Copies of passport pages showing your travel record (visas, border-entry or border leave stamps, etc.);
  • List of the countries visited during the past 5 (five) years.

These documents are accepted in scanned or digital forms that are advised to be sent to the e-mail of the International Office at Polotsk State University This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stage B. “Enrollment”

  • The original application, a national passport and migration card after entering Belarus;
  • The original document proving secondary education (including a transcript of grades);
  • The original document (documents) proving any other education obtained;
  • The original of the Birth Certificate;
  • 6 photos (3x4 cm size);
  • The certificate on the completion of any university preparation courses (if applicable);
  • The originals of the following medical documents:
    • medical report on the health status, confirming the ability of performing studies in Belarus;
    • AIDS certificate issued by an official health authority in the applicant’s country of residence.

All the originals that are in foreign languages should have a notarised translation into the Russian language.

For the admission to Polotsk State University you need to prepare the following documents for the arrival to the Republic of Belarus:

  • get an official invitation for studies (you need to contact us and send )get a student visa in the consulate of the Republic of Belarus in your country.

For entering Polotsk State University it is necessary to pass an interview in order to access the level of knowledge of the Russian language. The date and place of the interview you’ll be able to know after the arrival at the Faculty for Foreign Students.

You can prepare for study at the university at Pre-University Training Faculty of PSU which carries out the following educational programmes: Russian language courses and Preparatory courses.

For 10 months of studying you can:

  • improve the level of proficiency in the Russian language, pass entering exams and continue studying process in Russian according to your programme;
  • learn additional subjects (mathematics, physics, informatics, chemistry, foreign languages) for preparation to study process according the chosen programme;
  • get a certificate which is necessary for entering the university for the first academic year. You can also attend Russian language courses which can be organized in groups or individually.

Check the lists of applicants for the first academic year and preparatory courses at the dean’s office of the Faculty for Foreign Students.
Congratulations! Now you are the part of the international student community of Polotsk State University!