Polotsk State University




Study Program «MANAGEMENT»

Study Program «MANAGEMENT»Students of this programme learn to develop marketing strategy in specific plant conditions; create effective management systems; develop strategies of human resources management; personnel management; organize team interaction for solving administrative tasks; define production and economic potential of enterprises; design business processes of companies; make a forecast for development and modernization of enterprises; form innovative policy; form the effectiveness of the enterprise activity; develop high-tech and resource-saving projects.

Period of study: 4 years

What will I be?

  • account manager;
  • manager for quality system management;
  • HR manager;
  • industry development manager;
  • leading expert;
  • marketing expert;
  • industry analyst;
  • financial manager.

Where can I work?

  • tourism sphere;
  • hotel and restaurant business;
  • advertising;
  • public relations and PR-technologies departments;
  • organizations of all patterns of ownership.