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Study Program: «SCIENCE OF LAW»

Study Program: «SCIENCE OF LAW»Graduates of this study program get qualified as a lawyer and are demanded in all areas of public activities: in government management and politics, law-enforcement area and justice, business-environment, science and so on. The main benefit is that there is a widest range of professional activity in one study program.

Period of study: 4 years

What will I be?

  • notary public;
  • lawyer;
  • tax officer;
  • legal adviser;
  • personnel inspector;
  • certified public accountant (auditor);
  • judge;
  • mediator;
  • prosecutor;
  • investigating officer;
  • expert, surveyor.

Where can I work?

  • tribunals, institutions of justice;
  • institutions of advocacy and notariat;
  • institutions of prosecution, home affairs, committees of inquiry;
  • State Committee of court (legal) expertise;
  • custom authority, tax administration, banks;
  • as a legal adviser and specialist for personnel at any organisation;
  • at audit organisation, real estate agencies, state registration and land cadastre agencies.