Polotsk State University





Master courses of Polotsk State University as the second degree of higher education provides the formation of knowledge and skills of scientific, teaching and research activity for further post-graduate education and also scientific, teaching and innovative work.

Master courses of Polotsk State University

Graduation ceremony

The requirements for entering: the diploma of higher education confirmed in the Republic of Belarus.

The entering exam: The interview which determines the level of language proficiency and basic knowledge according to study programmes.

The form of studying: full-time and postal.

Study period: one-two years (depending on individual programme).

Tuition fee: 3000-4000 USD for the whole period of studying (depending on the form and duration of studying).

Study Programmes. Master Studies

Master programmes:

  • Theory and methods of teaching foreign languages;
  • Theory and methods of physical education and sport training;
  • World literature;
  • History of Belarus;
  • Law;
  • Electrophysics, electrophysical devices;
  • Web-programming and Internet-technologies;
  • Machine-building and theoretical engineering;
  • Processing of constructional materials in machine-building;
  • Processes and devices in chemical technologies;
  • Engineering geometry and computer graphics;
  • Mathematic modelling, numerical methods and programme systems;
  • Systems, networks and telecommunication devices;
  • Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances;
  • Mining and gas and oil producing geology, geophysics, mine surveying, subsoil geometry, geodesy;
  • Labour safety;
  • Engineering and construction (the Department of Heat and Gas Supply, and Ventilation);
  • Construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, bases and storages;
  • Engineering and construction (the Department of Pipeline Transport, Water Supply and Hydraulics);
  • Engineering and construction (the Department of Constructions);
  • Engineering and construction (the Department of Construction Industry);
  • Methods and systems of information protection, information security.