Polotsk State University





Bossan BayekovaBossan Bayekova, Turkmenistan: First it was my cousin who told me about Polotsk State University. He studied here and has only the best memories of PSU and the years spent here. I thought I should also enter this university. By the way, people in Turkmenistan like Belarus and I always heard that people in this country are cultured and educated. My parents, who pay for my education, decided that PSU - the place where I can get appropriate education and lay down the foundation for my future career. I have almost spent five wonderful years at Polotsk State University and have no regret that I came here and became a student of Law Faculty. I adore studying. New knowledge helps me to achieve new goals and reach the top. The best facilities of the university and the faculty are at our service. Academic staff are clever and creative, students have a wide range of possibilities for scientific work, education and rest. My heart belongs to Polotsk State University!

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