Polotsk State University





Myrat SerdarovMergen Almazov, Turkmenistan: I really like that university buildings and hostels are close to one another and you do not waste time getting there. I can devote more time to studies. The practical training was very useful. The students of my faculty had a chance to work at large enterprises of Polotsk. Novolpoltsk, Vitebsk and even Minsk. And what is more important is that to study at Polotsk State University and get a high quality education is cheaper than in many other universities of the country.

Myrat Serdarov, Turkmenistan: I like university teachers most of all. They are strict but very kind. It is very important that they have wide experience of working with foreign students, they can attract our attention, establish relationship with each other. There are new sports hall at our disposal where we can do different sports. I like playing volleyball, for example. I like PSU. I’m sure that with the knowledge and experience I got here I’ll find a job on speciality and benefit my native country. To my opinion, PSU is the best university!

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