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Post-graduate education is the first stage of post-university education. The studying is aimed at the preparation of researchers of high proficiency. The post-graduate education carries out getting deep theoretical knowledge and the experience of experimental work according to a chosen professional scientific sphere. It allows solving scientific tasks and preparing candidate dissertation for getting PhD.

The form of studying: full-time, postal and as a degree candidate.

Study period: full-time (no more than 3 years) and postal (no more than 4 years).

Study Programmes. Post-graduate Studies

 Post-graduate programmes:

Program Cipher
01.00.00 Physical and mathematical sciences
1. Mathematical logistics, algebra and theory of numbers 01.01.06
2. Electrophysics, electrophysical devices 01.04.13
05.00.00 Technical sciences
3. Machine studies, drive systems and machinery 05.02.02
4. Machine building technology 05.02.08
5. Technology and tools for mechanical, physical and technical processing 05.02.07
6. Automatisation and management of technological processes and industry 05.13.06
7. Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and program systems 05.13.18
8. Methods and systems of information protection, information security 05.13.19
9. Materials science in machine-building 05.16.09
10. Chemical technology of fuels and high-energy substances 05.17.07
11. Processes and devices in chemical technologies 05.17.08
12. Exploitation of motor transport 05.22.10
13. Constructions and buildings 05.23.01
14. Heat supply, ventilation, air-conditioning, gas supply and electricity 05.23.03
15. Construction materials and products 05.23.05
16. Building technology and organization 05.23.08
17. Labour safety 05.26.01
18. Vacuum and plasma electronics 05.27.02
08.00.00 Economic sciences
19. Economics and national economy (according to fields and activity spheres, including: economics, organization and management of enterprises fields, complexes; labour economics; population and demography economics; environmental economics; business economics; marketing; management; price formation; economic security; standartization and management of quality products; land management; recreation and tourism) 08.00.05
10.00.00 Philological sciences
20. World literature 10.01.03
25.00.00 Sciences about the Earth
21. Construction and maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, bases and storages 25.02.07
22. Geodesy 25.02.11
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