Polotsk State University




Taking into account the impetuous knowledge accumulation and technologies renovation the education continuity ensuring is becoming one of the most important tasks. The Institute of Professional Development (IPD) works in this direction.

The IPD carries out the realization of educational programmes:

  • Retraining with issuance of a diploma about the retraining at the level of higher education of standard form and certification of skills.
  • Advanced training with issuing certificates of professional development of standard form;
  • Learning courses with issuing certificates of study of standard form.

The IPD has all possibilities for qualitative learners’ studying process:

  • Highly skilled teaching staff including their work in the organizations according to the teaching disciplines;
  • Specialized lecture rooms and rooms with multimedia equipment;
  • Electronic database of research and educational materials, etc.

The educational process is organized on the basis of integration of latest scientific researches, modern educational technologies, society needs.

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