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Polotsk State University invites you to participate in Anthropology Summer School .

You have a precious chance to get acquainted with anthropological researches carried out at Polotsk State University.

  • Cultural anthropology (ethnology): study of a unique traditional culture of northern Belarus.
  • Methods of field anthropological research.
  • Physical anthropology: study of ancient population of the region.
  • Methodology of skeletons from ancient burial places study.
  • People choose us because

    • we are in historical and cultural center of Belarus and geographical center of Europe
    • our educational traditions go back to 1581
    • Russian is taught by native speakers
    • we use only intensive teaching methods
  • For who?


    School is for those interested in anthropology and planning to continue study of anthropology at Master Courses.

  • To become School Participant


    Fill in an online application form on our website:

    Online registration for participation in Summer school
  • Price

    • Register till  for –  $
    • Register till  for –  $
  • You get?

    • Anthropology lessons - 4 hours a day (total is 40 hours)
    • Workshops in methods of anthropological research
    • Visit of archeological excavations in Polotsk
    • Accommodation and coffee breaks
    • Sports and entertainments in the afternoon
    • Excursions
    • Education materials
  • Extra paid

    • Flight
    • Transfer services (Minsk National Airport - Polotsk; Polotsk - Minsk National Airport)
    • Registration fee (~12 $)
    • Consular fee
    • Medical insurance (~25 $)
    • Meal
    • Museum tickets
  • Contacts

    Olga Emelyanchik, head of History and Tourism department
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Programme of Summer School (.pdf)

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